Would you like to write for Pacific Northwest Birds?

We are needing writers for the following topics and/or categories:

In the News
Think of events like the Malheur Refuge takeover, the culling of cormorants on Oregon’s Sand Island, and you’ll get the idea for what is needed in this category.

A Day in a Birder’s Life
What is it like to be a birder? If you recently spent a day birding, what did you do? What kind of camera do you use on your birding adventures? Etc.

Bird in the Spotlight
Birds written about in this category will also be added to our bird database, but your name will still be listed as researcher/writer. Before writing about a particular bird, please check with me to be sure it hasn’t already been covered.

Pacific Northwest Birding Events
Do you know of any upcoming events for bird lovers? Tell us about it!

Beyond the Northwest
Usually a link to a news story or YouTube video, with a short paragraph.

Birding Hotspots
What is your favorite place in the PNW to go birding?

Stupid Bird Humor
This submission can be a photograph, cartoon, or video. Credit needs to be given to the original photographer, artist, etc., if it isn’t your work.

Reader’s Corner
This category is easy and fun! Submit a photograph and a short blurb (about 50-200 words) about a bird you saw recently, an experience you had, etc.

More ideas:
What was your first bird? Are you keeping a life list…and why? What’s the greatest length you’ve gone to in finding an elusive bird? Do you have an idea for a post that doesn’t fit into one of these categories? I’ll be happy to consider it.

Must be a Pacific Northwest resident (Washington state, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia, Montana, Alaska, even Northern California), past or present.

Ability to write well (or you at least don’t mind being lightly proofread for typos, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and — if necessary — readability).

Necessary details:
At this time, PNWB is unable to pay for submissions. Also, because this site is funded through affiliate advertising, no outside affiliate links can be placed in posts or bios. However, if you have a nature-related website or Facebook page, you can add a link to your bio to get some traffic to your site.

Please refrain from including negativity, cussing, insults, or references to to politics or religion in your post.

All submissions must be original and written by you.

As the site grows, it’s my intention that we’ll one day (and hopefully soon) be able to pay writers for future contributions. In the meantime, this is a great chance to get published online, get publicity for your own site or Facebook page, or to even get your feet wet writing blog posts. If you haven’t written before, I’ll most likely start you out with a shorter piece (Reader’s Corner, for example).

Ready? Contact Sally at write@pacificnorthwestbirds.com.

Thank you for your interest in writing for Pacific Northwest Birds!