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It may be June, but some birds are still nesting. I’ve been watching a mama goldfinch grab nesting materials from my hanging “nester” as she prepares for what I’m assuming is her second brood of this breeding season. (American goldfinches have one or two broods per year, with 2-7 eggs being laid per brood).
Female American goldfinch gathering nesting materials. Photo copyright: Pacific Northwest Birds/Sally Dinius
An easy way to help birds as they build their nests is to take an empty suet cage, fill it with nesting materials, and hang it near your feeders. Put it out starting in February (pine siskins will most likely be the earliest partakers) and just leave it. Ours went unused for a few weeks until the goldfinches decided it was time to lay more eggs. Because this is our first year putting out nesting materials, I’ll be leaving it up all year as an experiment to see who makes use of it (and when).

In the fall, I’ll be putting some out where it’s easy for the squirrels to get to, as that’s when they’re preparing their own nests for winter hibernation.

Do you put out nesting materials, too? Which birds do you see making use of it the most?


Duncraft Hanging Nesting Basket

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Duncraft Hanging Nesting Basket


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Female American goldfinch photos at top: copyright 2013 Pacific Northwest Birds/Sally Dinius.

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